How to add clips to a storyboard

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

  • Start by selecting a camera from the camera tree

  • Once a camera has been selected, hover over the camera

  • In the bottom left hand corner a menu will appear and one of the options will say export

  • Underneath the word export there will be a drop-down arrow and one of the options will say “add to story board”

  • The same layout will appear as if you were exporting a video, however there will be a menu on the right hand side for the story board

  • It will auto-populate a first clip in the menu

  • On the left side of the screen you will be able to adjust the date/time and the name of the clip

  • Move the brackets on the timeline to your desired length of video

  • To add a new clip, click on the “add clip to storyboard” option located in the bottom right corner of the screen above the time line

  • Continue to add clips to the story board until all the video you need has been gathered

  • Make sure to save each clip before adding a new one

  • Once you have the amount of video selected that you would like to have in a story board, click export

  • After clicking the export button a pop-up window will appear

  • In that window  the location, name, copy player, format, encode quality, and key frame interval can all be modified

  • Under format  There are four options to choose from which are SEF, ASF, AVI and Matroska  (MKV)

  • Note: the best option for exporting will be SEF due to how it compresses the video. The process takes a lot less time and the video when exported, will be watermarked.

  •  After the desired parameters have been set, click the green export button

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